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Luminous Eye Serum Review: An excellent formulation for the price

Andalou Luminous Eye Serum

In a crowded field filled with overpriced products, we like what we see here. Andalou Natural’s “Luminous Eye Serum” is well priced and does what it says it does. This is a good mix of anti-oxidants and skin-repair agents. The line-up includes vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA. Sodium PCA is an amino acid which is naturally found in human skin. It’s job is to bind moisture to skin cells. So it’s a welcome addition here in an eye cream, where maximizing the moisture of skin cells is important.

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Another excellent addition to Luminous Eye Serum is a small amount of caffeine. Caffeine is itself a natural anti-oxidant and free-radical fighter. Although the amount here is unlikely to be enough to give you a noticeable perk.

Because Sodium PCA is such an excellent moisturizer — superior to standard glycerin — this is an excellent product for those with dry skin. The product will glide on extremely easily without drying out too fast.

This is a decent concentration though, so be careful not to get this in your eyes. If you do, flush with water and start over. With a concentration like this, Luminous Eye Serum will do a good job at fighting fine lines and wrinkles surrounding the eyes. The effects should be visible after several treatments.

Stem cell “science”?

One thing we wish they hadn’t included was this silliness about “stem cells”. If you read the packaging you’ll see some claim regarding “Fruit stem cell science“. What science is that we wonder? Can anyone show us some study that says stem cells from fruits do anything for people? It’s a shame when manufacturers that create good solid products like this feel the need to throw in a little “magic”. The product already has plenty of scientifically proven ingredients to merit a good review.

Our verdict: Andalou Natural’s Luminous Eye Serum

Still, this is a product that’s very reasonably priced. It uses a very smart mix of anti-oxidants, moisturizers and skin repair agents. And it delivers a regenerative, protective eye-area treatment.

We recommend it.



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